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Louis Vuitton 2012

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.


Well if he has a game console then just get him a game you know he'll like that he can play on it. There isn't relaly anything you can get for an ipod/iphone other than a cover or headphones or something which isn't much of a gift But yeah I'd go for a game rather than a dvd cos it's something you'll spend hours on rather than just watch for 2 hours then never watch again =] I know I'd like something like that lol. Hope this helps and thanks for answering mine hun Was this answer helpful?


at kf8-kulturen innenfor foto ikke er helt opitaml. Noen av oss, Bjf8rn Tore d8kland og en frilansfotograf fra Stella Pictures kom relativt tidlig til visningen og hadde gode plasser


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