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I think its good that SJPD gets the attention they are gitteng from the murder of Bich Cao Tran to Mr pham and now the beating of this SJSU student. SJPD has literally been gitteng away with the murder of not only Vietnamese people but also Latino and Black people. We as a community need to come together and fight this devil that patrols our city. How do we do this? Well we support each others ethnic community we watch each other even though we are strangers and we share with each other so in saying that I am sharing with whoever reads this that one of the attorneys for the cops goes by the name of CRAIG BROWN is well known to represent dirty cops and works to twist the laws to get dirty cops off so please spread the word far and wide about this scum of a lawyer. So please look out for each other out there and if you have any issues with cops and I'm around don't worry I have your back. Jesse

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