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Jordan Spizike

Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!


TheNZArchAngel / These pictures and vedois are so awesome. It's been so great following David's adventures during this Asian Tour! Love seeing the love he gets from the fans in Asia and all the love David gives to his fans.David is so wise and sets such a great example for everyone. Really inspiring.And him playing the piano in that video is beautiful.. Seeing him deeply delved into the music, and connecting with every emotion in his song is something beyond imaginable. Thank you so much for sharing these moments :)


This is a very relevant atlrcie for new graduates and any age level who think facebook and other such sites are only for personal use among friends and post too much information. Thank you for pointing out grammar and vocabulary! That is a huge pet peeve of mine. It is very hard to respect peers and anyone who writes / posts using what I like to call texting / twitter abbreviations.One thing that I have noticed is that my generation thinks facebook, myspace, so forth are for personal use only. To interact through social media on a professional level, they will get a LinkedIn account. It isn't one or the other anymore. You have multiple accounts for a reason, and it is to interact personally (general data I really enjoy the grandma comment!) and professionally through different means and platforms.I didn't know about Google alerts. I recently googled my name, but the alert system makes me very curious, and I ll have to check it out.


Social media is a great way for teens and those in their 20 s to truly stand out in a good or bad way. They can lose scholarships or jobs, or they can show just how marute they are. It's great that your nephews have learned early how to truly optimize their online reputations!

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