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Colombo, Sri Lanka: Hasantha

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As much trauma as I have seen in America, it doesn’t compare to some of the devastating injuries incurred by women, men and children here in Sri Lanka.

This is nine-month old Hasantha.  Her mother was burned to death, and Hasantha has 60% TBSA (total burned surface area) from an "accidental burn".  Her father is the suspected culprit, but I doubt that he will ever be punished.  It breaks my heart to see little ones hurt like this, but I am comforted that by giving my knowledge to Sri Lankan medical professionals, I am doing everything I can to help children like Hasantha.

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Lusaka, Zambia: Immense Sense of Satisfaction

  Immense Sense of Satisfaction 
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We are having very full days and I am tired, but am getting an immense sense of satisfaction with the influence we have on these young minds. Today I assisted these young surgeons doing a medial gastrocnemius flap for an osteomyelitis of the tibia and another one to repair cut tendons in the wrist. This very vividly illustrated the lectures I gave on tendon and nerve repairs just the day before.

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