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05 Jun 13, 2011 1:55 am B.R. I might have read this over a dozen times. It never ceases to be a new story, new vicrtoy, new inspiration, new reason to live and more importantly new reason to care.

02 Mar 27, 2012 7:38 pm Manmohan Rai Jo .the key things here are anelowcedgkment and bravery and you have shown them both, just in writing your note!. On one hand, the lapsing of both insurances took Manoj's catastrophe to renew. But what about the actions of Avdesh Kumar, the intimidators, his boss etc, after the accident? Are these a direct consequence of no insurance' or just normal modus operandi? The legal consequences of this tragedy on the driver, had this happened in the West, are severe, with both punitive damage and custodial sentence. We are, however, talking about India, where of course the situation, although based on British Law, is different. Could this be a matter which a legal mind in India would want to use as a precedent? My admiration continues with how you use incidents in your life as a positive and whilst many of us will always say we will learn from our hiccups', you actually do and take on board whatever the lesson.

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