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04 Jan 06, 2009 4:18 pm Anne Bruce I was very moved by your blog about the man you found on the road. How awful for you. The experience must live with you.It made me think about the road to Dehradun (in every plbsisoe sense of the phrase), the darkness, the strangeness of it all – I was on that road myself exactly a year ago today. Wondering how it would all be, and so full of angst. And it turned out so well; I could never have foreseen what a pleasure was in store for me.But it also made me think of the tiny chink of Indian society I did see in that short time I was there, and how your experience reflected it. How you could be bowling along in the relative civilisation of a taxi, warm and safe, thinking about and talking to Kathleen in the States, when really there is only a paper thin wall between you and potential violence of the worst kind. And death. I used to walk along the road in Vasant Vihar in the quiet early mornings, past all those big houses and trees and gardens, get into the KV van, and be whisked into the most appalling corners of the town to pick up children. Through into an entirely different world, yet only five minutes down the road.What an extraordinary place India is.

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