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David Norton

John, or anyone on the trip...please give my greetings to Fidel!!! I was the pediatrician on the Puno trip, and have met Fidel a couple times on past trips...I am so happy he made it to you guys.... he was one of our most challenging patients on our last trip, as he was involved in the accident on the way to coming to our clinic... his daughter was with him.... a beautiful and stong little girl...good luck to all on the trip...
Dave Norton
Amherst, MA

Lisa Hartman

What wonderful gifts you have to give away -- your skills and knowledge -- in Cusco. Your friends in San Diego admire you and feel proud to be a part of your life. You live life well. Take care a good travels.
Lisa and Bob Hartman

don guttman

Dear John and Mike,
We enjoy hearing about your trip to Cuzco. Keep up the good work. It brings back enyoyable memories of my interplast experiences.

With love, Don and Donna

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