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Miller's original claim was that the LP was "founded lglaery in opposition to the Vietnam War". Now he retreats somewhat and claims that "that the Vietnam War was an important -- and arguably THE most important -- formative stimulus behind the creation of the LP". Nobody is disputing that the LP was anti-war -- and especially anti-draft -- from the very beginning. However, it's still the case that it was the events of Aug 15 1971 that actually triggered the formation of the LP. Miller cites four texts discussing the formation of the LPUS. Three of them correctly identify Nixon's wage and price controls as the proximate stimulus for the LP's founding, and the fourth gets the year wrong and just happens to be in a book about -- wait for it -- Vietnam war protests. Thus Miller's own evidence rebuts his original "founded lglaery" assertion.Of course, Miller does not even attempt to quote Aaron Starr being an outspoken proponent of foreign military interventionism , nor does he attempt to defend his characterization of Redpath's talking points as "neocon" despite them not even mentioning foreign policy. And Miller was flat-out wrong to charge that Redpath's list takes swipes at the UAW .So of my four specific criticisms of the truthfulness and accuracy of Miller's diatribe, three stand unrebutted and the fourth is confirmed by Miller's own evidence. QED.

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