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This was received by me from a local mebmer of the LP: "When, in addition to the social and moral issues, we throw into the mix foreign policy issues, we lose still other liberty-leaning potential supporters. I meet so many libertarian and patriotic Americans, who believe sincerely that the libertarian policy so well defended by Ron Paul --that our armed forces should be used to defend the United States, not fight for allies or regimes who we see as being on our side in lands all over the world would be abandoning our young men fighting overseas and all that they have sacrificed, the young soldiers protecting America far from home. When we talk about bringing the troops home right away, we play into the hands of the conservative establishment, the sort of politicians in the Republican Party whom some of us got to see too closely last spring at county and state conventions, men and women who argue that Republicans stand for less government (less only than Mao and Stalin, perhaps; but at least they stand for less ) and strength abroad . And they beat us in the elections."This follows a rant about how libertarian positions on drug policy and gay marriage and against the death penalty are "divisive" and embarrassing.His suggestion, then, was that we stick to the talking points in Redpath's list - apparently the positions taken there are not "divisive" for some reason. Yeah, they're not divisive if you're only talking to lying, hypocritical, weasly partisan "small government" Republican hacks who can use Redpath's list to bash Obama.And this guy is old enough, and has been around the LP long enough, to know that the founders of the LP had already split with the YAF and the Republican Party over its support for the Vietnam War before Nixon's wage/price controls were even a gleam in his eye.

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