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Ah-hem.Many moons ago (it was teh 25th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement in a litlte college town called Berkeley), when I was a student at said institution, I tried unsuccessfully to get the great British WWII historian David Irving, whom I am pleased to be able to call my friend, to speak at UCB. After literally months of putting pressure on the UC administration to reverse its decision not to allow Mr. Irving to speak (due to security reasons), they afforded my Student Organization (which had invited Mr. Irving to speak) a small venue (we had originally requested Zellerback Auditorium, the largest venue on campus). To make a long story short, the Spartacists and teh assholes from the Hillel House gathered in a candlelight vigil to disallow entry to anyone wanting to approach teh venue and take a seat to hear what this great historian had to say about the HollowCo$t. So much for free speech in Berkeley. (I had named teh ad hoc student committee the Berkeley Free Speech Coalition as an ironic premonition of how I predicted the events to unfold. You can read about the details here if you are interested: www [DOT]fpp [DOT]co [DOT]uk/speeches/UCB/211194 [DOT] htmlThe reason I mention this is that it has been about 20 years since then, throughout which time I have kept my ear to teh ground for issues relating to teh truth about what really happened back then. Until about two years ago, there reeally was no well-written summary of the whole disparate literature in the field, until Thomas Dalton's DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST A NEW LOOK AT BOTH SIDES came out in 2009. And so, when I say that this is an indispensable primer on the subject, with an excellent annotated up-to-date bibliography, I know that of which I speak. You can read teh introduction and the first chapter at dbbatingtheholocaust[dot]comIt is not that Jews did not suffer during that war. Of course they did, together with the thousands of other people the Nazi thugs thought undesireable: communists, anarchists, leftists, homosexuals, gypsies, etc. But they did not die in near so many numbers as the copyrighted or should I say Registered Trademark a la Finkelstein? Six Million. Like I said in an earlier post, that figure comes from the Talmud and an attempt to springboard the secular-millinarianist Zionist project of Theodore Hertzl & Co. by garnering support for the Jews. It seems that while about 500,000 Jews suffered adn died premature deaths at teh hands of the Nazis (mostly due to typhus and teh railway supply lines to the slave labor camps being cut off due to Allied bombardment), there was no master plan to exterminate all Jews , nor were there any gas chambers used to kill people (there were small gas chanmbers used to delouse prisoner clothing with hydrogen-cyanide gas (the infamous Zyclon B gas) of the lice that carried the typhus bacterium in their saliva.Anyway, for those interested in a rich vein of historical reaearch, ihr[dot]org is not a bad place to begin.And so, when Ahmadinejad questioned the historicity of the holocaust, just as he questioned the accuracy of the official conspiracy theory wherein it is held that 19 cave dwelling fundamentalists with box cutters brought down the 47-story Building 7 tower at the World Trade Center (in addition to Buuildings 1 & 2), his *suspicions* [and that's all he claimed: suspicion, in the great Western tradition of skepticism] were on solid ground. And he put his money where his mouth is by convening a con ference to look into those suspicions. www[dot]mathaba[dot]net/news/?x=547346All I wanted to say, really, is that when discussing teh HollowCo$t, in my humbling opinion;o) it is best to keep the big picture in mind, no matter how unsavory that truth might be.


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