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This information presented here would move a lot of people out there. Indeed it feels so bad when we get to learn about countries like Ethiopia. :(


Mr. Canning: Iran has given clear signals it will accpet whatever deal the Palestinians make with the Israelis, if that deal is properly ratified. What is to gain for Iran to say it would not accpet Israel even if Israel accpets the Saudi peace plan? Iran has said it will accpet whatever deal the Palestinians work out. I believe there are some provisos, however, that the deal must be accpeted by ALL the Palestinian factions including Hamas. Hamas has said it will recognize Israel's right to exist under certain circumstances circumstances that Israel almost certainly will never accpet. So for Iran the point is mostly moot.I still say Iran should not engage Israel even if Iran accpets a negotiated Palestinian peace plan. Such a plan might satisfy the Palestinians, but it is unlikely to do anything to deal with Iran's major problem with Israel its intent to dominate the Middle East against Iran. And frankly, again the issue is moot because the Palestinians really can't do much to rein in Israel at all. So one issue is not even related to the other issue.If for some reason the Palestinians get tired of the conflict and just bow down to Israel and accpet some bantustan/apartheid existence under Israeli dominance, should Iran just go along with that? I think Iran would like the Palestinian resolution to be just , however they interpret that word. But beyond that, such justice , as Iran has repeatedly pointed out, would mean the elimination of the Zionist state with a replacement by a Palestinian or perhaps bi-national state. I think this is what Iran officially wants, whatever they say about accpeting a Palestinian deal. Because without that, nothing gets resolved between Israel and Iran.

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