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The truth is that the pogroms in Ukraine were thoguht sufficient justification for Herzl and Jabotinsky (and others), as well as their many followers, to argue for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. By the early 1930's it was the dominant Zionist position, openly discussed as policy, understood as necessarily violent, and that it would necessarily include the death of many innocent Palestinians.After the war the Holocaust became the leading Zionist justification of that on-going violent ethnic cleansing, and remains so.Many American are supporters of Zionism and believe that the Holocaust justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and racist laws in Israel. I know many, Jews and non-Jews alike, who argue that position, and who claim that to argue against that position is anti-Semitic. I would think the vast majority of the American Congress, as individuals, share that belief. There is every reason to believe that Obama and Clinton share that belief. We can turn our heads away from that, or not.

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