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Eric: The objective of Iran’s atoicns — in observing the AP and nearly every other action — should be to keep the US at bay long enough that the US’ strength weakens, Iran’s strength increases, and Iran’s alliances with rising new powers strengthen — sufficiently that Iran need no longer care whether its atoicns satisfy the West or not. And here AGAIN you argue from hoped-for outcome back to an action that you ADMIT will NOT NECESSARILY PROVIDE that outcome! You cannot even BEGIN to demonstrate how Iran's unilaterally observing the AP without a concession from the US to recognize Iran's legal enrichment right could POSSIBLY allow Iran to keep the US at bay , let alone that US strength WILL weaken in any reasonable time frame sufficient to enable Iran to ignore such issues later. There is absolutely NO demonstrable connection between your prescribed course of action and the hoped for outcome and EVERY demonstrable disconnection given that Iran has ALREADY implemented the AP to no benefit whatsoever, let alone keeping the US at bay which is hyperbolic in the extreme.It's an absurd position. It's Pollyanna thinking at its worst with absolutely no logic associated with it at all.

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