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Eunice Zhu (Southwest University,Chongqing)

Emily , I love your moving article, it is so sensitive.
It is also my first close touch with INTERPLAST as an volunteer translator, unforgettable! That is true when you come , Chongqing shows sunshine face, and you bring smile faces to the cleft lip/palate Chinese babies too. Thank you (^_^)
You bring a lot of happy together times to the whole team. The last play on the final banquet ,mixed with Chinese style ,Canada, American, English and Nepal style, equals to the INTERNATIONAL style! All your playing is fantastic, interesting and lovely pleasing .That’s the one of the highlight of the Interplast trip!
“Even though we do not speak the same language, we are still the same people inside.” I love these words very much too. When we came across the old singer, I just translated the lyrics in no seconds. You know we share the same spirit inside. We love our lovely life, treasure the healthy body our parents give, and we all want to give our hands to the unfortunate babies. Our little help may change the big life of the babies. And that is what we should do hand in hand!
I am looking forward to meeting you in China Chongqing, and to missing you guys a lot, your smilings and happy together times. The next time you come to Chongqing, you’ll see my hometown to be a much more prosperous and dynamic city!

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