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Fiorangela: Your 8:07 post was right on. 2. I suppose I “think you do” think what Israel does is OK bsuacee I have never seen — or do not recall seeing — you suggest what Israel should do to improve its situation. This is why I originally and possibly currently thought Eric has a pro-Israel bias way back in our earlier discussions weeks and months ago about Iran's revealing more . His policy notions, as I note in other posts below, are always about Iran giving up something. Never the US. Never Israel. Just surrender and hope it works to Iran's benefit. I can't help but wonder why it is always Iran who has to surrender to US and Israel demands and never the reverse. I suppose it could be bsuacee he believes the US and Israel have the upper hand militarily and economically and in the propaganda realm which might be even true.But it could also be simply a question of poor logic: a fallacy of the excluded middle , in this case the middle being exactly HOW Iran is going to actually achieve all these benefits he posits will happen if Iran unilaterally gives away the store despite all indications to the contrary.

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