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Chuck!You are right on! And think about this we saw an amazing aunmot of change over the span of our generation..however the rate of change continues to accelerate to the point where things become obsolete in an almost obcenely short span of time. This has created the disposable mentality we now live in remember when you had one tv and your father would turn it off after one or two programs in order to save it ? Now, we purchase a tv with the full expectation that if we get year out of it before it's considered an antique, that's longevity. This same acceleration and change rate is to a great degree what is driving Gen X and Gen Y to push for advancement and internal mobilitiy within companies at a rate that Trads/Boomers consider cocky and demonstrative of poor work ethic . For a GenX or GenY, the fear of becoming obselete, or stagnating due to too much time in one place is very real for them.


Wow, i just ate dinner but just raeidng your article and seeing your pics makes me hungry. My parents are from Ecuador and while I visited often as a child, it is now that I miss it the most. I love Ecuadorian food. I just went there this past May with my own 3 children (4, 3, 1) and had a great time. I specifically went to eat at La Ronda because that is where my grandmother had her 90th birthday party before passing away in 08. Thank you for your great, easy to follow recipes.PS: about the your pics in the menus ..while I was there, I myself, went to one of the print shops to have a gigantografia' (giant poster) made for my childrens' birthday parties. Basically, you go in, tell them what you want on your poster, and they make it anything you want. I had 2 Cars, 1 Barbie, and 1 Backyardigans made with no problem. All they do is GOOGLE' the image you want and print it out wherever and however you want it! And you've got some great pics of the food!


I received this from a fernid in Sweden and my initial reaction was to delete it but out of honour to my fernid I decided to honour that, knowing he wouldn't waste my time. I am glad I did for this remarkable priest has had the courage to speak out. It is a true reminder of that other Catholic Priest who spoke out some years ago - Teilhard de Jardin - who also challenged his 'Superiors'. The message here is that we are indeed all one and should not allow our differences to divide us. God bless this beautiful being - Indeed. A message so desperatly needed in our world today by ALL faiths. Thank you Michael Hopkins for sharing this.Michael.

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